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Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets Adelaide

Custom Fridge Magnets in Adelaide

What is the most frequently used appliance in most homes? – probably the fridge!
So what better place to promote your service or business than a prominently displayed fridge magnet slap bang in the middle of the fridge door for all to see each time they go to the fridge.
In the home, fridge magnets are used to keep in place important reminder notes, perhaps a childs first kindy drawing or other similarly important memos.
One thing is certain – the fridge , and therefore the magnet and its message, will receive frequent daily attention from all household members.
Fridge magnets ideally suit service and emergency businesses such as electricians and plumbers etc. so that your contact details are there when that emergency arises.
Fridge magnets are reasonably priced making them a great “give away” item to stay in touch with your customer and can be produced in any size required.
They are light weight and can be used conveniently in conjunction with a mail drop – just enclose one with the mail out.
Ideally the magnet design should be kept boldly simple so that the message to be conveyed can be communicated in an instant.
And remember … a free fridge magnet is rarely discarded no matter what the message.
For more information about fridge magnets in Adelaide, call Festival Screen Print on 08 8523 0008 or via our CONTACT PAGE